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Top 10 Transport Management Solution Companies - 2019

Digitalization resulting in various technological disruptions has induced a paradigm shift in the transport management space. Entrepreneurs have come a long way from using excel sheets, and making tiring phone-calls, to deploying integrated freight tracking systems. This shift has assisted the enterprises in seamlessly tracking their freight from the beginning to the end of the supply chain. By enabling real-time freight monitoring, and visible inventory tracking, transport management systems (TMS) has left the manufactures quite pleasantly surprised.

With the proliferation of these trends, Logistics Tech Outlook is glad to list some of the leading transport management tech providers that are lightning the logistics’ landscape with innovative ideas and ground-breaking technologies to simplify some of the complexities faced by the companies. Decoding these daunting challenges, in our annual list of featured stories we have, the CEO of RIM Logistics, bringing forth the company’s unique air and ocean freight forwarding that offers to unlock various global trade capabilities for its customers.

Cleaving along efficacious technological updates is another featured company—Blujay Solutions—with its distinct multi-tenant, cloud-based platform, marches ahead to establish a ‘frictionless’ supply chain. To educate our reader further, we have CIOs transcribing the core industry revelations along with advice and insights for the other CIOs thriving in the similar logistics realm, to help them navigate easily through the competitive market.

In this edition of Top 10 Transport Management Solution Providers - 2019, we sincerely hope to provide our reader with meaningful insights through a leaflet full of tech-driven facts and individuals offering mutually benefitting partnerships.

    Top Transport Management Solution Companies

  • BluJay Solution is regarded as one of the best companies in logistics and transportation software and services. BluJay Global Trade Network, allows customers to unlock the power of more than 40,000 universally connected partners. The company serves many industries like fashion retailers, restaurants, logistics service providers, chemical manufacturers, and others. The solutions provided by the company are Transportation GTN, Compliance GTN, Warehouse GTN, Network GTN, LaaS GTN, and Commerce GTN. BluJay is successfully serving the customers with 24x7 support plans, diagnostic tools, self-service knowledge base, online incident submission and tracking, and regional support

  • Compcare specializes in the development of comprehensive operations management software for trucking and logistics companies and assists carriers with the total management of their logistical operations. As a company that has been providing software solutions for more than three decades, Compcare has become a renowned name in the industry because of its commitment towards quality of service and support. . Compcare’s fully integrated intermodal trucking software package, VIntermodal, enhances the carrier’s efficiency and drives down operating costs. In order to drive carrier profits, the software merges the order entry, dispatch, invoicing, settlements, document imaging, and Electro Deionization (EDI) modules into a customized, streamlined system

  • RIM logistics, ltd. provides movement of cargo and customer engagement services through a portal—RIM Community— which brings in data sets from various supply chain sources and helps customers by increasing transparency and communication around all logistics touch points. The firm employs several operating systems for its distinct services—WiseTech Global for international and finance management, MercuryGate for domestic transport management, and Deposco for warehouse management. Additionally, RIM has begun its journey with Microsoft’s Power BI and started extracting relevant data from such systems, connecting that information with the RIM Community, and providing customers with real-time data for their shipments

  • USPack is a same-day final-mile delivery company custom-built to help brands and businesses win in the delivery economy

  • Kuebix


    Kuebix is a logistics technology company that offers an industry-changing transportation management system (TMS) and unique revenue-generating programs

  • McLeod Software

    McLeod Software

    Provides powerful transportation management software solutions to the trucking and freight brokerage industry

  • MercuryGate International

    MercuryGate International

    Offers business intelligence to improve transportation processes, increasecustomer satisfaction, and reduce costs

  • ShipHawk


    Helps businesses to save money, automate workflows, provide an on-brand buying experience, and run data-driven supply chains

  • Transplace


    Provides transportation management services and logistics technology by helping manufacturers, retailers and distributors to optimize supply chain operations and increase financial performance

  • Transporeon


    Provides cloud-based logistics platform that enables a worldwide collaborativenetwork of logistics professionals